We are Direct People.

We design and launch profitable products and services anywhere you want.

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new products and services

launched to market



from 11+ industries


years on the market

the first innovation agency in the Czech Republic – founded in 2010



Czech Republic, Slovakia and United States


Direct People

What we do

Ideas & visions
1-3 months

Discovering ideas and opportunities that can transform your business or bring a new vision.

Products & services
3-6 months

Designing, prototyping, testing and launching new products and services.

Successful business
1-2 years

Growing the products into internationally successful business including operations and product management.

Why to work with us

Experts on

Get the expertise you need when you need it. You do not have to build your own expensive innovative capabilities. Instead tap into our know-how.

Results before

You know exactly what you are paying for. Up to 50% of our rewards are tied to achieved business goals.


We can take your business anywhere. We currently work in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany.

What does the trick


Our team has been working on dozens of projects every year since 2010. Our experience multiplies the probability of success, while being faster and often cheaper.


With power comes responsibility. We get to know your company reality and vision perfectly. That helps us reveal what kind of innovations will bring you strategic leverage and which won’t.

Customer focus

Designing without understanding is strictly forbidden. Getting a full understanding of customers‘ lives and problems allows us to develop products that already have a validated market.

One team

We are fighting together for the same goal. Your people know your business, we understand innovations. This synergy brings exponential results.


We create new worlds and reality. That means the vision and steps forward are always changing. Therefore we embrace uncertainty, focus on delivering value and always look for better ways to bring results.

Shared risk

We form long term partnerships during our projects, sharing efforts, risks and rewards. We make profit only when our client does and so every team member from our side is fully invested in it.

See for yourself

Discovering new business models and opportunities in mobility for the new segment of small fleet

Business / Market verification of created concept of the complex mobility management

Representing EW abroad in order to close new business deals with potential partners

“For us at Eurowag, Direct People are not just consultants with the right vision. They also have the ability to turn this vision into specific measures within our organization with the right understanding of its complexity, and help us make the right decisions.”

Klaus Burkart

COO and Eurowag Group Board Member

New business opportunities search in content monetisation, B2B media services, investments

Verification and quantification of the ideas and opportunities potential

Establishment of innovation leadership and culture of experimentation

“Direct People brought a new and fresh point of view on our industry. They showed us new processes and approaches to product and services development and most importantly capacities and speed thanks to which we were able to do an enormous amount of work and launch a new product in a really short time.”

Vladimír Piskáček

Editorial Director of Economia

New business opportunities search in area of job advertising, education, segments of elderlies and others

Designing, co-developing and launching a new product on key – Práce za rohem

Product expansion abroad and product management in the Czech Republic and Poland

“Cooperation with Direct People is the main reason behind successfully launching our new service on the market. They are not just consultants who offer good advice but they took full responsibility for the projects success.”

Milan Jasný


Our clients